Queenstown Young Professionals

Queenstown, renowned as a world-class destination for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts, is undergoing an economic transformation. While tourism remains the backbone of the region’s economy, diversification is becoming increasingly important. Queenstown Young Professionals (QYP) is committed to empowering and connecting young talent, and we are playing an important role in facilitating this evolution.


Queenstown’s economy has long been supported by a thriving tourism industry, with visitors from all over the world drawn to the region’s breathtaking natural beauty and adrenaline-fueled activities. However, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the value of economic diversification has become more apparent. Rather than detracting from tourism, this shift to a more diverse economic base aims to supplement and strengthen the industry, resulting in a more resilient and sustainable future for Queenstown.


Along with world-class tourism operators, Queenstown is home to a growing number of notable startups and innovative businesses making their mark in New Zealand and around the world. These businesses are at the forefront of economic diversification, utilising technology and innovative approaches in order to develop new opportunities.


Queenstown boasts a particularly thriving tech scene, with a growing number of established companies and startups establishing their operations there. This expansion is increasing the demand for skilled professionals. Rather than replacing tourism, the expansion of technology-driven industries is enhancing the region’s economic landscape by attracting a diverse pool of talent and opening up new opportunities for growth.


As Queenstown’s economy diversifies and new industries emerge, QYP recognises the importance of assisting the influx of new talent into the region. Many professionals choose to live in Queenstown because they want to be a part of a dynamic and growing business community. We act as a landing pad for these newcomers, assisting them in integrating into the local business community and determining their role in the region’s evolving economy.


We connect emerging talent with established professionals, local businesses, and key industry players via a variety of networking events, skill development workshops, and mentorship programmes. This promotes the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and opportunities, which benefits not only our members but also the overall growth and success of Queenstown’s diverse economy.


Queenstown’s future looks bright as it embraces economic diversification. The expansion of new industries, particularly in the technology sector, will supplement and support tourism, resulting in a more resilient and dynamic economic ecosystem.


QYP is committed to playing an important role in facilitating this transition by providing a platform for young professionals to connect, collaborate, and thrive in Queenstown’s changing business landscape. By fostering a strong sense of community and facilitating the exchange of ideas and resources, we are helping to shape the future of Queenstown’s economy, ensuring that the region remains appealing to visitors, businesses, and talented professionals alike.


As Queenstown embarks on this exciting new chapter, the region’s long-standing spirit of innovation, resilience, and community will continue to fuel its success. The collaboration between tourism and emerging industries will lead to a bright and prosperous future for Queenstown, cementing its status as a world-class destination for both leisure and business.