Queenstown Young Professionals

Nestled amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of New Zealand’s South Island, Queenstown is not only an adventurer’s dream, but also a thriving and expanding hub for young professionals and entrepreneurs. As a young professional seeking to establish roots and build a successful career, Queenstown provides numerous opportunities and resources to help you thrive.

A Dynamic Professional Landscape

Queenstown’s professional landscape is diverse and dynamic, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, innovation, and collaboration. The town has become a magnet for creative thinkers, innovative startups, and established businesses looking to capitalise on the area’s distinct strengths and opportunities. From tourism and hospitality to technology and manufacturing, Queenstown has a diverse range of industries to explore and grow in.

Key Players in Queenstown’s Professional Ecosystem

Queenstown Young Professionals: Our organisation is dedicated to enabling and connecting young professionals in the region. We provide networking opportunities, skill development workshops, and a supportive community to help you navigate your career journey and build lasting relationships with like-minded individuals.

The Mountain Club: This dynamic workspace is designed for collaboration and creative thinking. It offers a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, innovators, and location-independent professionals, providing opportunities for networking, partnerships, and growth. Whether you’re a freelancer or part of a startup team, The Mountain Club offers a unique and inspiring environment to work and connect.

Queenstown Business Chamber of Commerce: The Chamber is a vital resource for businesses in Queenstown, offering support, advocacy, and opportunities for growth and collaboration. They represent over 22,000 members and are part of a global network of Chambers of Commerce, providing access to a wealth of knowledge and resources to help your business succeed.

Startup Queenstown Lakes: This charitable trust is a catalyst and champion for the startup, innovation, and technology community in Queenstown. They aim to foster economic diversity and resilience by supporting knowledge and innovative sector businesses. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or part of a startup, Startup Queenstown Lakes can provide valuable support and guidance.

Pivot Innovation: Pivot Innovation is focused on redefining the landscape of innovation in Queenstown, with a focus on the outdoor products industry. They aim to make Queenstown a hub of technological advancement, empowering local creators through advanced manufacturing and cutting-edge technology. If you’re passionate about innovation and the outdoors, Pivot Innovation offers exciting opportunities to get involved.

Resources and Support for Aspiring Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Queenstown offers a range of resources and support for aspiring entrepreneurs, including:

Co-working Spaces: Spaces like The Mountain Club offer flexible working environments where entrepreneurs can collaborate, network, and access resources to help their businesses thrive. These spaces provide a sense of community and support that can be invaluable when starting a new venture.

Incubators and Accelerators: Programs like Startup Queenstown Lakes provide mentorship, funding, and support to help startups grow and scale their businesses. These programs can provide valuable guidance and resources to help you navigate the challenges of starting a new business.

Mentorship: Queenstown’s professional community is filled with experienced entrepreneurs and industry leaders who are willing to share their knowledge and guidance with aspiring entrepreneurs. Connecting with mentors can provide invaluable insights and support as you build your career or launch a new venture.

Networking and Events

Queenstown’s professional community is highly engaged and collaborative, with regular events and networking opportunities. Some key events to look out for include:

QYP Events: Our organisation hosts regular social and professional events designed to help young professionals connect, learn, and grow. From casual meetups to skill-building workshops, QYP events offer a fun and engaging way to expand your network and build your career.

Startup Queenstown Lakes Events: Startup Queenstown Lakes hosts a range of events focused on entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology, including workshops, pitch competitions, and networking sessions. These events provide valuable opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurs and learn from industry experts.

Mountain Club Events: Copy Here

Queenstown Business Chamber of Commerce: Copy goes here. 

Pivot Innovation Events: Pivot Innovation’s monthly event series brings together creators, innovators, and thought leaders to explore ideas, share insights, and forge collaborations. If you’re passionate about innovation and the outdoors, these events offer a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and explore new ideas.

Building Your Future in Queenstown

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a skilled professional, or just getting started in your career, Queenstown has plenty of opportunities to help you succeed. You can build a fulfilling and successful career in this beautiful corner of New Zealand by connecting with the professional community, gaining access to resources and support, and capitalising on the region’s unique strengths.


Are you ready to take the next step on your professional journey? Connect with Queenstown Young Professionals today to begin exploring the opportunities and resources available to you.